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Last update: 16 August 2009

Minor fix. Shandra's Lightning Prophetess manga has moved to a new URL.

16 August 2009 - Psycho Ann

Minor update. The drop-down list now reflects the List page, with newly added members at the top of the list. Also, OMNIart ComiX has moved to a new URL.

7 June 2007 - Psycho Ann

Guess what? Inkhana's back with us with a brand new online manga: Game Plan! Please do check it out and support her!

In other news, I don't know why it took me so long to realize I should arrange the list with the newest one at top. Well, now it's under this system so there you go! Hopefully this saves everyone some scrolling time. The drop-down still isn't re-arranged yet, so I'll probably do that another time.

29 March 2007 - Psycho Ann

Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? Online Christian manga (and Christian manga in general) had grew since Cognatio first opened. Some pages came and went, some comics started and stopped, but there's always new ones popping up here and there! I've had to clean up the list so we lost a few members (we had 19 before this update). The ones I removed until further notice:
- Steelblood (licensed)
- Shelter of Wings (licensed)
- Charlie Phoebe (inactive)
- Dreamparacite (inactive/script missing)
- WE-10 (site down)
- OmniArt Comics (site down *12/18/06: Back online*)
- T'is So Sweet (site down)

Anyway, Cognatio is now under the wing of The Project with the Gil (from KingdomCome by Mave) as the poster-boy! In the verbatim words of Mave, "I've gone and made Gil look like some mafia/gangster/pimp/drug dealer's son," would be the description of the new image. However, I assure those concerned Gil is is no way what she described. Though, if you're curious, go and visit KingdomCome to find out. Thanks, Mave~!!

27 September 2006 - Psycho Ann

New layout! And would you look at that... 10 members! I remember a time, not as much as 2 years ago, that it was futile to look for online Christian manga. Now, well, there's a new one popping up left and right ^^ There's also a few online Christian manga that aren't listed here, but they are out there. Hopefully, I can add them to the list in the future as well :D

Highest thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for making this possible through His mysterious ways *wink*. Then to all the aspiring Christian artist that made the list--a list. To everyone who linked to Cognatio as well; the support to get the the wonderful message out there is priceless.

Now a little bit about the new layout. Naturally, I chose Inkhana (christianmanga.com) who's well known with her manga Steelblood. She graciously went and drew a sketch of Rivalen (her main char). Who could resist Rivalen looking up like that? So I gave the go and she inked and toned it (there was actually two versions--I took the toned one). Wala, there you go ^^ Thanks a lot, Inky~!!

18 June 2004 - Psycho Ann

Grand opening! It all started when I failed to find any Christian banner exchange rings out there--so I decided to start one on my own. E-mailed the best of online Christian manga out there and wala!

Getting a spiffy name was harder. I asked Jes (Psycho Jes of Psychoteers) for the Hebrew word of 'family' while I searched for its Latin equivalent. The Hebrew word was 'meshpachha'; a bit too long for my tastes. Then I stumbled on the Latin 'cognatio' or 'cognatus' which means 'related by blood' then thought to myself: "Aren't we related by blood of Christ?" The rest is history ^^

This first layout featues Joseph Williams from my comic Thy Name. I was pressed for a quick layout character since I'm in middle of my finals and wanting to get this out before I go back to Indo for my holidays. I sketched him directly in ink and thanked the Lord that he turned out not so bad for someone I haven't drew in months.

The layout characters will change periodically as I will pick various Christian manga artists to draw an original character from their comics to keep this site fresh ^^ I hope Cognatio can be a blessing to you all. God Bless!

11 December 2003 - Psycho Ann