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Three teens hear a mysterious old man's message. Who is he? Or rather, what is he? And will they decide to join him on a quest to fulfill a ominous prophecy?

Wielders of Light

Jenny Frederick is 14 years old and lives in Tijuana, Baja California, MEXICO. But that isn't where she used to live. Before she lived here, she lived in Fresno, California. In a gated community and had a lot of friends! Now not only does she have to learn a whole another language, but she is also friend-less in a dirt - road colony. Then she met Micah. A glasses, wearing boy who at first glance, does not like Jenny. At all. And to be perfectly fair, Jenny doesn't like him either. But when Jenny gets in trouble and needs help, he's always there to help her, maybe they'll become friends after all. . . So where does Ths Sparrow Cafe come in? Well Jenny needs a job and Micah knows exactly who to take her to. Faith owns The Sparrow Cafe and welcomes Jenny with opens arms. Now that Jenny has an arm, life turns crazy with the employees and her crazy culture shock! Will Jenny ever get used to her situation without having a nervous breakdown? The Sparrow Cafe is a story about growing up in a different situation and putting your faith in God. After all, he knows whats going on.

The Sparrow Cafe

Elijah Worthy, a rancher on the intergalactic spaceship "Heaven Bound" gets involved with RakuenTech, a dream-manipulation facility. Is everything really as innocent as he believes?
Heaven Bound

If the Universe were made of a billion different Earths, with a billion different scenarios, with a billion different Selves of yours, would you still be who you are right now? More importantly, would you still be sane? It's just lucky, then, that the same God watches over us all.
The Mages

Man holds the tools it uses for murder in such contempt, when it is really their own fault for the crimes committed. All the same, that does not stop them from blaming the tool for the crimes of the user. This sword is completely black to convey this: Man's intentions are black, but not blacker than how they view what they use to carry out these intentions. Dramaj Estoren is a half-Drow, half Elf. His father hails from an underground kingdom, his mother from the Elven nation of Nytreeia. Both parents long dead, he struggles to find some meaning in life that doesn't involve discrimination. But with the Elven-Drow War, Dramaj has trouble finding someone willing to talk to him, much less give him a job. After years of searching, Dramaj finds himself back in his mother's hometown, the Nytreeian capitol of Aneas. Will his search continue to be in vain or will he finally find something?
Legend: Perceptions

Brendan Thomas is a young cartoonist, with big dreams. However, when his first comic debuts in his school newspaper, the results are pretty negative. After a discussion about his comic, with his Journalism advisor; Brendan has no choice but to revamp his comic, or lose his position. On his way home, Brendan discovers a mysterious pen that just might change his entire senior year, and possibly his life. Will he follow in his father's footsteps and become a famous cartoonist so he can make a difference  in this world? Find out in: The Stick Monkey Chronicles!
Stick Monkey Chronicles

Alenard no longer faces execution. Having been given a full pardon and allocated to the Cliffton Guard, he finds himself burdened by an unwanted second chance. With conflict brewing, he must face the past - and choose his future.


A gamer with a head full of dreams, a motley cast of wacky friends, and the reluctant artist who has the ability to bring their vision to life...if he can set aside the past first.

Game Plan

Camera Obscura revolves around the lives of Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar as they live their lives as Zoroastrian priests. As time progresses, Balthazar finds out about a certain star with a special prophecy, and the Magi endeavor to find the King of the Jews.

Camera Obscura

Kardia was a private organization with the purpose of fighting crime and unmasking corruption. Three years ago, Kardia disbanded because of personal conflict. Now, the team leader recieves an unexpected phone call and Kardia must put aside their differences and become a team once more to embark on the mission of a lifetime...


It has been a century and a half since the ascension of Jesus Christ, and members of the growing religion of Christianity are undergoing severe persecution in the Roman Empire. The emperor has declared war on anyone refusing to worship him as a deity.  Elsewhere, in the gladiatorial arenas, a group of competitors with amazing abilities dominate the imagination of the people.  Amused by the bloody spectacles, poor and rich alike flock to the games.  However, something is amiss in this ancient world. Twenty-second century technology is highly out of place in this ancient world, yet it frequently appears at unlikely times and places.  Uncover the mystery behind this extraordinary situation in a world on the verge of spiritual warfare.

A Cruce Salus

A gang of punks calling themselves "The Front Street High Flyers" are a ragtag group that share a close bond. The leader of this group Alex, is a well known mischief maker and vandal of ill repute, and the self-proclaimed "protector" of the cheerful and kindhearted Stephanie, who disproves of his behavior. But this time Alex and his gang have gone too far! In order to "finance" their gang they begin stealing from unsuspecting civilians. But when they try to "liberate" money from a mysterious pastor they find themselves in a world of hurt!

Urban Renewal

Paris has never known his parents, it's always just been him and his best friend Auster, that’s about to change. Both friends are haunted by memories from their past and with what the future holds, a trip to Romania, secret societies and a father with a twisted plan, they're going to need to rely on something outside themselves if they want to come out alive.


When Century Rebel Prince Shiro is captured by his greatest enemy, rebel life and all world order is turned upside-down. A boy filled with pain and hate comes to the throne of God with a hard decision: to fight against his past for what's right or to give into the darkness in his heart. Are you ready to risk it all?


Christian manga at your finger tips.

Anime Angels

A young girl decides to change her life… but she doesn’t go to God to do it… Her fall and her rising with God… in the story of Soyokaze…


A shoujo manga about a timid girl named April who wants a friend. She thinks that what she needs is an angel, but God sends her one in a way she least expects Him to: through a boy who's always rushing into trouble. April figures that she should at least witness to him, but never in her wildest dreams does she think that God will use him to show her something!

Send Me An Angel

It's the last year of high school, and time is growing short for three Christian seniors to reach out to their classmates before they graduate and move on with life.  The powers of darkness are going to do everything in their power to prevent them from having a school revival, and with the help of mighty warrior angels and the Armor of God, these three "Warriors of Prayer" must fight their way through to the end.  With battles in both the spiritual and physical realms, as well as certain students who are worse than demons and sibling rivalry taken to the extreme, this is proving to be the hardest year of their lives.

Warriors of Prayer

Kim Yong is a member of Berserk, the No. 1 boyband group in the nation. He is at the peak of his career, fame, and popularity. Everyone loves and screams for Berserk. But is this it? Is this what life is all about? Kim has questions in his heart and isn't fulfilled. One day, he finds himself divided between his current lifestyle and another 'higher' calling. Kim takes an unexpected step to seek what's missing inside his soul... whatever the cost may be.


An offbeat manga about a reluctant college student who gets called (rather drafted) by God to become His prophetess, gets thrown into spiritual warfare, and still makes English class on time. She is joined by others who are divinely linked by their destines to pursue one task, to win and fight for souls. Hang on to your seats, as they set out on the wildest ride in both the Spiritual realm and the physical realm.

Lightning Prophetess

A 14 year old slave girl sets out into the desert, her new master: a young freedom fighter. Hunted by an Empire, and haunted by his past, they're looking for a new beginning. But when they cross destinies with a visionary desert nomad and a cursed messiah, their journey takes them places they never dreamed of.

The Way

Slice-of-life manga centering around 5 girls with dark pasts. Everything seems okay now that they settled and are saved, but starting from the transfer of a student, that one of them hopes never to see again, things start to unravel and they would have to answer if their faith is stronger than their desire to avoid pain. Site includes the comics Remembering You.